How to Get Approved for Bad Credit Mobile Phones Easily?

Pay your debts and pay them on time. One of the most common things neglected by many of us is paying off our debts on time. Your timeliness on your payments bears the heaviest weight on your credit.

But meeting your due dates is not all that matters. It is important as well to pay off your other debts and reduce your balances as much as you can. The habit of paying only the minimum amount doesn’t lower the amount you owe, costs you more over the long haul, and hurts your credit score, which is bad for your applications. The team from have helped us compile a few tips. Read on:

Apply for cheaper devices.

Another mistake often committed is applying for the most coveted and most expensive smartphones in the market. This hurts your application greatly because of the risk the provider has to take in giving away such a phone with so much value. That is not to say though that you won’t be able to own a decent phone, because there are plenty of handsets – in fact, many of them fall under the smartphone category – that are on the lower end in terms of price but are definitely on the same range with the industry’s key players in terms of quality.

Think about SIM only deals.

SIM only contracts are a great option for those with existing phones already and those which can purchase any handset that they want by cash. Because there’s no handset cost to be recovered over the course of the contract and thus the risk is very minimal, many companies are much more willing to provide these deals to applicants with questionable credit rating. Usually, the requirements are much more simpler and the processing times faster. Best of all, monthly fees are low and contract terms are relatively short. If you find that you need a new mobile in the future, you can simply upgrade to a mobile contract with a handset included.

Enlist your name in the electoral roll.

One of the requirements whenever applying for credit or a utility service is to verify your identity by providing sufficient proof. Even with all the valid ID’s present, there’s nothing else that could verify your identity more than your name being on the electoral roll.

Complete your requirements.

Having all the requirements ready before application makes everything efficient, run smoothly, and secure approval. Requirements that are missing or are submitted late can lead to delays or utter disapproval.

Apply sparingly.

Network providers are very keen when it comes to the applications submitted to them, because they do check and pull out a copy of your credit report. This is why they will see if you have any other applications going on. If they find that your hands are full, they might doubt your capacity to manage the deal you want to get from them and turn you down.

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