Titanic during fitting out at Harland and Wolff. Digitally coloured original photograph

Titanic’s construction in Belfast

Titanic being pulled by a tug as leaves Southampton

Departure from Southampton








Black & white photograph of titanic in Southampton Water.


Colour painting by Stuart Williamson of Titanic's last minutes. Lifeboats in the foreground look on as the half submerged liner leans into sea. Steam rises from two of the three remaining funnels and the lights are still burning.




Crowds checking lists of names of those saved posted on railings outside White Star's Southampton offices
Waiting for news
Titanic's surviving stewardesses pictured after their arrival in Plymouth

Home at last

The Drill Hall awaiting the start of proceedings. The hall is empty apart from two men who are securing a huge model of the Titanic at the front for reference.

The British Inquiry