Rudi Newman

Rudi was born in 1986 in Watford, Hertfordshire.  Studying BA and MA History with the University of Hertfordshire, he is now researching a PhD on the socio-economic impacts of the coming of the railways.  With a long-standing passion for history, particularly concerning transportation, he has assisted with a number of museum and university projects and has presented numerous lectures and articles on historical transportation themes.

A collector of Titanic memorabilia, Rudi has been fascinated by her story from a young age, and has been a member of the British Titanic Society since 1998.  For the Centenary he acted as an advisor for the BBC and the National Archives, providing research, interviews and lectures.  Rudi became Honorary Secretary of the Society in September 2012.

John Creamer

John was born in 1962, and lives in Wapping, east London.  He has worked in the City of London for over 30 years, and is currently employed as a senior fund specialist with a major asset management company based in the capital.  His interest in the Titanic began at a very early age having seen the classic film, A Night to Remember, based on Walter Lord’s iconic book of the same name.  The Titanic story continued to fascinate him over the years, but his passion was finally cemented in 1993 after having attended the National Maritime Museum’s display of artifacts recovered from the ship.  He later joined the British Titanic Society, and has not looked back since.

His particular interest is the ‘the Californian Incident’ which concerns the mystery ship seen by many eyewitnesses from the decks of the sinking Titanic.  John’s other passion is badminton where he has administered a successful club in Wapping for the past 23 years. He discovered in 1993 both of his interests had a loose connection, when it was made known the sports centre where he played once operated as a repair yard for Harland and Wolff – builders of the Titanic.

Latterly, John has been actively involved in fundraising and development of Southampton’s new SeaCity Museum,  where he helped the council to achieve a successful grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund,  he also continued to take an active part in the museum’s formation from the start.  The  SeaCity Museum opened to the public on the centenary of the ship’s departure from the port in April 1912.   John became Membership Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of the Society in September 2012.

Tim Silcocks

Tim is a Welshman and was born in 1970 at Pontypool, in the valleys of South Wales. Between the years 1989 and 1997 he studied at University College Swansea, where he earned a B.Sc. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Synthetic Organic Chemistry.

After leaving university, he moved to northern England and found employment in the fine chemical industry. He is married to Nikki and lives in Stockton-On-Tees, north-east England. Tim is an ocean liner enthusiast with a passion for all the great ocean liners, with a particular interest in the Olympic-class ships, the French liner Normandie and the United States. His passion for ocean liners stretches back to the 1970’s and filled his childhood. He joined the British Titanic Society in 1999 and is the Editor of the Atlantic Daily Bulletin.