Our new video has made news

The Bolton News has reported on our new video presented by Sheila Dibnah

Titanic II reported to be suffering serious delays

This Australian News website has reported problems with the ship builders already…

Discovery of unique film footage of the Olympic from 1922

ITV’s Meridian news reported that former sailor Des Cox, who now makes documentaries discovered the fragile film and was shocked to discover it contained footage of Titanic’s sister, the Olympic in 1922. See some of the fascinating images and the full story here at ITV news.

Liverpool’s White Star Line building  – Titanic themed hotel

Albion House, the striking red and white striped White Star Line headquarters in Liverpool is in the process of being converted into a Titanic-themed hotel. A brief glimpse of progress was allowed at an open day in March. A White Star flag was hoisted for the occasion.

The original ceiling in the main reception area (right), and cast iron pillars which reputedly saved the building from total destruction after a direct hit from a second world war bomb.
One of the rooms – dedicated to Wallace Hartley.
The décor and furnishings are a very modern take on traditional styles.
The well cared for First World War memorial remains in the main hallway.
Plans are for a phased opening beginning in April.